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At Muddy Dog Events we like to keep our core team small. This means that not only do we have a well knit, functioning operation but also means we can keep costs as low as possible for our client. We don't take on the whole event ourselves though! We have a wealth of freelancers, specialists and technical experts that we work with closely on a regular basis. So while we're keeping the clients cost down, we're still providing them with individuals with high skill sets who are always up to date with current and emerging technology and systems.

We only work with hard-working, honest and reliable people who share our ethos of trying to reduce the impact the event industry has on the environment and adhering to an ethical code in terms of sourcing materials and how they treat their own crews. Simply put we don’t work with idiots and we don’t bring idiots to your event.


John is our resident know-it all at Muddy Dog. Ask him a question about how the mechanics of anything in the world works and he'll have the answer for you. He stared his working career as an IT Consultant undergoing projects at multinational companies as well as schools and colleges. This training has given him an incredible ability to A) fix anything anyone breaks on site and B) install and manage reliable IT systems on event sites.

He made the jump into events using his project management skills to quickly develop himself into Production Site and Project Manager at large scale events;

  • Glastonbury Festival - Pyramid stage, Other stage and West Holts

  • Bath Christmas Markets

  • Liverpool International Music Festival

  • London 2012 Olympic Stadium Lighting Install

  • Outlook and Dimensions Festival, Croatia

  • London's Chinese New Year Celebrations

  • Foch vs Groves - Wembley Stadium

  • Hard Rock Hell, North Wales

  • The Sun Military Awards

  • The Social, Mote Park

His skills and expertise include site design, procurement, logistics, IT systems and holistic project management. He would love to one day live on a farm with a goats


Alex started on the path of a Sports Science degree but quickly realised that it wasn't the ‘right’ path. She then chose to do an Events Management degree at Leeds Metropolitan University and has never looked back (except in the pool to make sure no-ones overtaking her). After a few years working in event production she took a sabbatical into the world of music agents and worked at The Agency Group in London. Seeing everything from the other side of the industry gave her a solid appreciation of how both production and artists can work together mutually, for the benefit of all. The events she has worked/works on include;

  • Glastonbury Festival - Pyramid & Other Stage

  • Rochester Castle Concerts

  • Varsity Ski Trip

  • Bristol Balloon Fiesta

  • TWSTD Festival

  • The Sun Military Awards

  • Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza

  • London's Chinese New Year Celebrations

  • The Social Festival

  • Outlook and Dimension's Festival Croatia

Her skills and expertise include; operations, procurement, logistics, on site and pre-production office administration including accreditation, accommodation, site access. She would love to grow old spending her days surrounded by rescue dogs and pigs….

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